Inklings Book Contest 2017 Winners & Finalists

Announcing the Inklings Book Contest 2017 Winners & Finalists

We had so many amazing entries this year it was hard to pick. Thank you to all who submitted their stories and congratulations to our winners and finalists! We look forward to working with the winners on the book and posting the finalists work on our website!

WINNERSInklings Book Contest Winners!

Amanvir Parhar (grade 6)
Andrew Chu (grade 7)
Ann Yang (grade 6)
Camille Chu (grade 2)
Claire Lignore (grade 5)
Claire Wong (grade 5)
Dylan Lefever (grade 5)
Elena Garcia (grade 4)
Jude Lewis (grade 2)
Lauren Crawford (grade 4)
Lauren Meier (grade 6)
Lila Tierney (grade 3)
Lily Shi (grade 3)
Louisa Pflaum (grade 3)
Oliver Jackson (grade 8)
Saketh Elumalai (grade 1)
Samuel Teoh (grade 4)
Shannon Ma (grade 6)
Tiffanie Huang (grade 8)
Toby Jacob (grade 7)
Zachary Marinov (grade 7)


FINALISTSInklings Book Contest Finalists!

Aarna Patil (grade 2)
Adelle Kang (grade 3)
Alaina Fox (grade 8)
Alexa Friesel (grade 6)
Alexa Zhang (grade 3)
Alvina Mastakar (grade 4)
Alyssa Wheat (grade 3)
Amy Gillson (grade 5)
Anika Knowles (grade 6)
Annabelle Lee (grade 3)
Audrey Edel (grade 8)
Audrey Manley (grade 4)
Ben Hayes (grade 6)
Callum Yeaman (grade 7)
Carson Redifer (grade 7)
Chloe Choo (grade 2)
Claire McNerney (grade 8)
Collin Goel (grade 5)
Ella Stahl (grade 7)
Ember Summer (grade 7)
Emily Ericson (grade 7)
Erin Chang (grade 7)
Harshita Dasot (grade 4)
Helena de la Carcova (grade 4)

Inés Garcia (grade 7)
Jason Choi (grade 6)
Jordan Johnston (grade 4)
Julia Vajgel (grade 5)
Julie Shi (grade 5)
Kaia Lucas (grade 2)
Kamila Perez Salgado (grade 4)
Kendra Pang (grade 5)
Kyra Yu (grade 6)
Laasya Babbellapati (grade 7)
Larabee Mitchell (grade 2)
Laura Chen (grade 8)
Maia Goel (grade 7)
Mira Aradhya (grade 4)
Natalie Sharp (grade 5)
Natalie Wong (grade 5)
Ninabella Arlis (grade 7)
Owen McNeely (grade 5)
Padma Madhyasta (grade 2)
Phoebe Clifton (grade 7)
Rhea Jain (grade 5)
Rithik Atreya (grade 3)
Sahana Srinivasan (grade 3)
Samantha Vargas (grade 3)
Sarah Skaggs (grade 3)
Seb Koglin (grade 2)
Shelby Sandford (grade 5)
Somi Hyun (grade 4)
Sophia Hinshaw (grade 5)
Timothy Leung (grade 4)
Zach Cutshaw (grade 6)
Zachary Walcott (grade 3)

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